Model : DMC-SG150x300
Grinding Wheel Speed in rpm 2800
Capacity of Grinding Wheel Head Motor in kw  0.74
Motor Capacity for Pump for Hydraulically operation in kw 0.74
Speed of motor of pump for Hydraulically operation in rpm 1440
Capacity of coolant motor in hp 0.15
Number of T slots on Table 1
Width of T slots on Table in mm  8
Warranty in years * 1
Working Surface Area of the table or Table Clamping area (L x W ) in mm x mm  150 x 300
Max Height from table to Grinding Wheel in mm * 100
Least count of hand wheel for in feed in mm 0.01
Range of Table Speed in m/min  5
Maximum Weight that can be handled by machine in kg 50
Vertical feed Graduation in mm 0.01
Cross feed Graduation in mm 0.05
Material Removal rate in gm/ min 0.1
Length of Guide way in mm * 300
Width of Guide way in mm * 100
Type of grinding wheel  SILICON
Width of Grinding Wheel in mm  12
Diameter of Grinding Wheel (OD x ID) 150
Spacing of T slots in table in mm  8
Width of wheel head guide way in mm  75
Noise level of machine at 1 meter distance in db <85
Size of main spindle bearing of machine  25
Material of Bed  High Tensile Strength Cast Iron