Type of Transformer  core type/shell type
Max. continuous hand welding current in Ampere  150
Max. Continuous Automatic Current in Amp  60
Max. hand Welding Current at 60 % duty cycle Amp  120
Open-Circuit Voltage Range in volts  45
Min Welding load voltage in volts  18
Max Welding load voltage in volts 26
Rated output of the transformer in volts  60
Size of Electrode in mm  1.6
Nominal Transformer Voltage in volts  28
Max. Transformer Voltage in volts  40
Range of Welding Current in ampere 45-150
Type of Electrode used for welding  MS ELECTRODE
Input supply  THREE Phase 415v 50hz
Type of welding current regulator Step Type
Type of insulation level  Class H
Type of cooling  NATURAL OIL
Side thickness of plate of transformer in mm 1.2
Bottom thickness of plate transformer in mm 3
Cover thickness of plate transformer in mm 1.2
Min. clearance height from Rail in mm 400
Cover of Tank  Welded