Type of Shielding gas Argon/Helium
Rating in ampere  200
Primary Continuous Power at 100 % duty Cycle in KVA  5
Current at 100 % Duty Cycle in ampere  150
Current at 60 % Duty Cycle in ampere  200
Current at 35 % Duty Cycle in ampere  200
Current at 60 % Duty Cycle for welding Torch in ampere 150
Type of metal which can be welded  SS,MS
Power supply Three phase 415v 50hz
Type of Electrode  Tungsten
Type of cooling  Air Cooled/Water Cooled
Rated input voltage in volts  240
outlet connection  4
Degree of Protection  IP23
Different type of insulation class  H/F
Noise level in dB  65
Length of Torch in mm  3
Type of welding Torch  Welding Torch
Welding Current at Torch End  AC, DC