Welding Machine Inverter Based 100% Pure DC Power source capable of MIG, MAG, FCAW& MMAW

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Welding Machine Inverter Based 100% Pure DC Power source capable of MIG/MAG,FCAW&MMAW


Machine is intended for welding of Armour steel of thickness 04 to 30 mm and Hardness 300-510 BHN and castings of special alloy steel of high hardness meeting the stringnt demands of high quality and the material subjected to Ultrasonic/Radiographic Testing



1)Wire feeder drive system

Microprocessor based system

2)Wire speed

0.5 to 22 m/min

3)Shielding Gas

CO2, Argon

4)Wire size

Solid wire dia 1.0mm, 1.2, mm & Flux code wire dia 1.6 mm,2.0 mm &2.4mm

5)No of rollers


6) Type of case

closed type

7)Welding torch

500 Amps Capacity at 60 % duty cycle and 3 meter length Gas cooled & digital Display

8)Welding Gun end connection


9)It shall have selectors to select different welding facilities

10)It shall have digital display of Voltage/Current

11)It shall be possible to adjust the wire feed speed electronically

12)It shall have provision for wire inching and gas checking

13)I t shall have Quick Release Device for easy change of insulated spool holder.

14) It shall haveWire Guide for perfect wire alignment and support.

15)It shall have preflow/post flow of shielding gas with burn back control to eliminate contamination of weld.




1)Earthling cable 10 m long 70 sq.mm cable with job clamping

1 NO

2)600A insulated ELECTRODE HOLDER with cable length 20m long

1 NO

3) Data logger for Welding Machine and it should be able to store the data and show

Instaneosuly data in graphical form (Voltage Vs Time and Current Vs Time)


1 NO

4)CO2 regulator of forged brass metal with flow meter Preferable swiveling type along with suitable CO2 pre-heater

1 NO

5)Gas hose 5 m long for regulator

1 NO

6)Power cable(with suitable end connection to power source) 10 m long

1 NO

7)Control cable of 5 m length between power source and wire feeder

1 NO

8)Control cable of10 m length for connecting CO2 preheater to Power source with plug socket at both ends

1 NO

9)Wire feeder gears Ø1.0mm, 1.2 mm, Ø 1.6 mm, Ø2.0 mm &2.4mm

each set of 2 NOS

10) Welding Torch length 3.0 m suitable for welding of solid/flux cored wire with diameters 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm & 2.4mm

2 NOS per Machine

11)Welding torch spares(liner,contact tips, nozzle, cap,Collet etc,) to enable welding of Solid/Flux cored wire with Ø 1.0mm, 1.2mm,Ø 1.6 mm, Ø2.0 mm &2.4mm


each set of 10 NOS

12)Transport trolley which shall be stable, secure and can be crane lifted with large wheels and it shall accommodate power source, wire feeder and gas cylinder

1 NO (Modular Models)


Spare parts required for normal running of the machine for 2 years should be Quoted separately and supplied with the basic machine/equipment. The spare part should cover all areas of a mechanical, electrical and electronics maintenance

If there be any other items available as a standard accessories, the same should be in addition to the above. If any one of the above items is not covered and under standard accessories, such items should be Quoted separately under special accessories


All control circuits,PCB based should be provided for ease of maintenance. Flame proof wiring is to be done


1)Welding power source

Inverter type 100% pure D C power Source capable of MIG/MAG,FCAW &MMAW Welding

2)Input Supply

415±10% ,3Phase,50HZ


3)Output Current

a) At 100% Duty Cycle


b) At 60% Duty Cycle


4) Current Range

5-500 Amps


60V-80 V

6)Degree of Protection

IP 23

7)Type Of Cooling

Forced air

8)Insulation Class


9)Operating Voltage




11)The Machine Shall have separate provisions to connect cables of MMAW Welding ,Wire feeders in case of MIG/MAG & FCAW. Any process Change- Over shall be possible by simple Switch operation

12)The machine shall be inverter type capable of delivering pure DC power and shall have infinitely variable current setting over the entire range of Rated power

13) Sturdy and proven quality construction to withstand the extreme working conditions and environment ( 15°C to45°C,18-95% RH)

14)The machine shall be capable of storing 100 different welding programs in the memory

15) The machine shall have digital interface RS232 or latest proven for feeding any additional welding programs required for up gradation

16)The machine shall have electronic control for Spatter Control, Arc Length ,Correction Factor and stick out adjustment

17)Adjustment of R(Resistance) and L(Inductance) shall be possible for use while using long welding cable

18)The machine shall have Digital Error Code Display in case of malfunctioning making trouble shooting (self diagnosing) easier.

19)The machine shall have display welding parameters like Welding current, Welding voltage, Wire feed speed etc.( LCD Display in both welding M/c & wire feeder)

20) MMAW welding facility shall be inbuilt with provision to fix Holder on the machine. MMAW the machine shall have features like HOT START for easy striking and re-striking of Arc. ANTI STICK to prevent electrode Burnout and Wastage and DYNAMIC ARC FORCE CONTROL for problem free welding of coarse droplet electrodes.

21) The equipment shall be provided with Automatic Tripping if output welding cable is short circuited.

22)It shall be have solid state circuitry and be able to give long life during repetitive applications

23) It shall have Solid State Thermally controlled Fan to run only when needed.

24)It shall have Electronic and Thermostatic Protection from current overload and Excessive Temperature and have indicators to show the same.

25) It shall have power ON/OFF switch with pilot light on Power Source

26) It shall have inbuilt high main voltage tolerance for trouble free operation (+/- 20%).