Type of Shredder  Twin shaft Twin shaft
Capacity of shredder taking 8 hrs per day operation in tonnes  3 5
Hooper loading  Manual Manual
Type of drive for shredder  Electrical/Hydraulic Electrical/Hydraulic
Type of drive for pusher for shredder  Electrical Electrical
Type of Rotary Shaft  Cylindrical - Solid router with blades fitted Cylindrical - Solid router with blades fitted
Input Electrical Supply  Single Phase /Three phase  Single Phase /Three phase 
Motor Power for main drive in HP @ 1440 rpm  2/3/5/7.5/10/20 HP  2/3/5/7.5/10/20 HP
Motor power for pusher drive in HP, 1440 RPM  1/3/5/7.5/10/15 1/3/5/7.5/10/15
Motor class  IE2/IE3 IE2/IE3
Type of control panel Manual / PLC Manual / PLC
Noise level in dB at 1 meter distance while working  60 60
Capacity of waste bin in litres  100 100
Material of Housing Enclosure  Mild steel/Stainless steel Mild steel/Stainless steel
Material of Cutter blades mounted on rotary shaft  Hardened Alloy Steel Hardened Alloy Steel
Material of Rotary Shaft  Alloy Steel/Mild steel/Staineless steel Alloy Steel/Mild steel/Staineless steel
Size of cutter inserts fitted on rotary shaft in mm x mm x mm (L x W x t ) 40 x 40 x 15 40 x 40 x 15
Length of rotory shaft in mm (with tolerance ± 10mm) 150/300/350/650/550/1100 150/300/350/650/550/1100
Diameter of Rotory Shaft in mm (with tolerance ±10mm) 100/200/250/300 100/200/250/300
Inside dimension of shredder chamber in mm x mm (with tolerance ± 10 mm) 150x200/300x500/300x300/300x900/450x600/1305x1250 150x200/300x500/300x300/300x900/450x600/1305x1250
Opening of loading hooper in mm x mm (with tolerance ± 10 mm) 150x250/300x300/400x400/500x500/600x800/900x1300 150x250/300x300/400x400/500x500/600x800/900x1300
Material of Base Frame MS MS